Maria is available for speaking engagements.  Her specialties are on fear and insecurity, but she also has an immense passion for simply teaching on God’s Word.

You can email mariafurloughauthor@gmail.com for speaking availability and pricing.

“Maria writes and speaks from the heart. She is raw, real and oh so relatable! With poise and eloquence — as a daughter of The King, a redeemed of The Savior — Maria tells the story of abiding joy in the middle of a mother’s heartache. I weep, as she wipes her tears, and the “me too” feels like home. Women are comforted in their struggles under Maria’s writing and Bible teaching, and they are challenged to turn toward Jesus. Biblical truth intersects with present-day pain (whether anger, fear, loneliness, or shame), and God speaks hope through Maria to women of all ages.” – Lee

“The best thing about Maria is her innate ability to cut right to the heart of the Word in a way that’s relatable and, most importantly, memorable. She digs deep, makes you laugh and cry and encourages your faith in a really organic way.” -Amy

Maria speaks with an authentic blend of humor and truth. She’s not afraid to share her life stories to help us relate to her teaching, even when it might be one of the most embarrassing moments ever! Wisdom flows out of her when she is speaking about scripture and she has a captivating energy that keeps me focused on her voice. She puts her heart into what she is speaking about and you can tell that she truly cares for the Lord and the women she is ministering to.” -Jen